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The Dotted Crotchets String Quartet, Manchester, London & Glasgow

The Dotted Crotchets - String Quartet FAQs

  • Which areas do the string quartet and trio cover?

    The Dotted Crotchets are very luck to have three talented teams of musicians in Manchester, London and Glasgow. This means that we have most of the UK covered and are happy to travel across England, Wales, Scotland and beyond to perform for your wedding or event.
  • What is the difference between the string quartet and string trio?

    A string quartet comprises of four musicians: two violins, one viola and one cello. The string trio has only three players by dropping one violin. The string trio plays exactly the same repertoire as the quartet so is perfect for smaller venues and budgets!
  • Can I request a specific piece of music?

    If your favourite song is not already on our repertoire list, then we are able to arrange it for you at a small cost. Please note that we require at least one month's notice for this service.
  • What facilities will the string quartet require on the day?

    The string quartet will require four armless chairs (or three chairs for the string trio) set out where you wish them to play. They require a performance space of approximately 3m x 2m, and simple refreshments are appreciated.
  • What will the string quartet wear on the day?

    We like to dress to suit the occasion. Although string quartets traditionally wear dinner jackets with bow ties or all in black, we also provide a very popular option of less formal attire, with the ladies in smart colourful dresses and the men in suits (like wedding guests) if that is more in keeping with the style of your wedding or event.
  • Can the string quartet play outdoors?

    The string quartet and trio are more than happy to play outdoors, usually during the drinks reception. However, they will not be able to play outdoors if there is any sign of rain because of the damage it would cause to the valuable instruments. For the same reason, they require a shaded area if there is bright sunshine.
  • How do we make a booking?

    To enquire about availability and price, please use the contact form and Ruth, the engagements coordinator, will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Which musicians will perform for my wedding or event?

    Each of our Dotted Crotchet groups work with a pool of talented and professional musicians, who have all graduated from music conservatoires across the UK. This guarantees that you will receive a top class performance on your big day.
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